Nov. 29th, 2012

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I haven't been able to find anything about this on Google but something weird happened. I mentioned before that we've been putting ointment in my eye for what felt like an infection. It wasn't getting better, though. It was, in fact, turning into another hasty trip to the doctor.

Last night Mark put the ointment in and we started getting ready for bed. After about five minutes, the inner corner where the pain's been worst started itching like a son of a gun. I gave it a very careful scratch, sort of scooping out excess ointment with my fingernail in case that was the problem. In the blob of ointment was a tiny, shiny, perfectly round and very hard white bead. I couldn't even break it with my thumbnail. The itching stopped after another minute, and I realized it hardly hurt at all anymore.

We're still using the ointment because it feels so good in this ridiculously dry environment. But whatever that little white bead was, it seems to have been the problem. I'm wondering if it was a bit of pet hair or peat stuck in the tear duct, and my body built a smooth protective deposit around it until the ointment greased the way out.

I also wonder if oysters would feel this good if we could take their pearls out without killing them.

Do oysters feel anything at all? I can probably Google that.
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Not my kind of service, though. She should be a hearing dog for the Deaf. I've never seen a dog react so consistently to such a wide variety of sounds. She's always right here to tell me when my phone rings or a programmed alarm goes off. And she loves dragging people to investigate strange, tiny noises that we don't hear until we're right on top of them.

She's an excellent fuzzy friend, but her talents are wasted here. If she didn't have kids to herd once or twice a week she wouldn't get to use her skills at all.

Too bad she hates the arch-nemesis. He could use an attention getting dog. His sister's calling me three times a week trying to reach him. He never hears his phone when she calls him. He tells me the problem is she's old and doesn't know how to work her cell phone. That makes me laugh. If he could work his phone, he could call up an iron kettle and tell it that it's black. But he can't. Lucky kettle.

I'm watching the Flight of the Phoenix remake. The writers didn't know much about pilots. It has a lot of weirdly bad scenes designed for high Hollywood drama but only one really bothers me. After the crash, when the girl is trying to talk the captain into being strong for his passengers, he says it's not a Girl Scout troop and he isn't there to hold anyone's hands.

Okay, it's not Girl Scouts. If it was, they'd have cookies. But those people are his responsibility until they arrive at their destination, not just until the plane hits the ground in some random piece of desert. He's still the captain, he's still in charge, and if hands need holding, that is his job. Unless he officially delegates it to another employee, but he still has to supervise.

In the end, he gets his own airline because he's such a famous hero. In reality he'd likely be unemployable after treating his passengers with such disdain. In the original, Jimmy Stewart just hauled cargo. He was good with people and knew his job. This guy needs to go back to flying metal pipes around.

Oddly, the designer who shoots the wounded enemy in cold blood could probably still get on with NASA. Fewer public relations issues there.

If you're wondering why I own the dvd and watch it repeatedly, I have a two word answer: Hugh Laurie.

The longer answer is that I just love the story. The book is excellent and I'll probably own every movie version they make during my lifetime, even though the 1965 will almost certainly never be equaled.
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Still working on the new novel. Hope to have a title soon. It's going so well that even though the month's half over, I'm going to see how close I can get to NaNo's required 50,000 words. Just this novel, not counting the rest of the MiniNaNo words.

Today words: 5,165

Total words: 47,672


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