Mar. 6th, 2013

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Since the Linus Pauling lecture series ends in May, I decided to look for something to do during the summer. The interweb is not helpful. Both papers, The Oregonian and The Statesman Journal, are fully online now, except for the comics, I think. Neither has a science section, and the Events calendars only list book, art, theater, etc. events.

A search of The Oregonian site for "Linus Pauling" didn't return an notice of this week's lecture. Or even the existence of the series. There were some nice articles on his collected papers at Oregon State University, but it can only be seen on weekdays.

OSU also has an amazing lecture series on archeology. On Friday afternoons. The scheduling conflicts with the paleoanthropology series at Willamette, but that's obviously a moot point.

There are environment sections in both papers, where they tell us to recycle and do articles about kids planting trees. That probably used to be in science.

The Mommy Blogs, seven divisions of Pets (including 2 forums and 3 blogs), and three different places to argue interactively about religion are most likely new.

Obviously I can read bigger papers, I have an online subscription to The New York Times for the arch-nemesis, but that won't tell me what events might be happening over here. Which is possibly the only thing the NYT has in common with The Oregonian (whose top headline today is a piece on a pack of feral cats at a community college campus).

We don't have great museums, either. I didn't really notice until I started searching today, but all we have are local cultural stuff, and children's hands-on science. (Play with bubbles! Mold clay!) There are a lot of small town historical museums, which are awesome, don't get me wrong, and the requisite tractor/heritage clothing/covered wagon museums.

What we're missing is at least one place in the state where you can go to see a dinosaur bone. There might be an egg in one of the mineral and gem museums. I like those. It's just not exactly the natural history museum of my dreams. Even Albuquerque has what I hear is a really good one.

I didn't mean even Albq. Except I do.

We really need to take that trip to DC.


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