Mar. 18th, 2013

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♥ I slept last night.

♥ Mark called a few times from Portland and sounded okay. He liked the ambulance guys and they had a really interesting conversation on the long, long ride. Also, he could probably have survived a fall from a helicopter in that stretcher.

♥ Heather went and saw him really, really late so I got a secondary report. She said he was coughing and sleepy but okay, as of 10:30 pm PST.

♥ Digging through my treat box last night, I found a whole gram of some sweet forgotten bud. Don't know what I'd do without my evening atomizer treatment (except not eat or sleep.)

♥ A friend told me a secret that I'd been secretly hoping to hear.;)

♥ The nemesis, who is still my nemesis, let's not get all sentimental in these confusing times, but still, has promised to chip in on Mark's hospital bills.

♥ Der Kaiser, while fucking about in a most ridiculous manner about not giving me one of my meds, actually sent a bottle of narcotics that wasn't due for a refill for at least 2 weeks. Small gain which is based on their stupidity, but I have to take what's offing.

♥ Heather's coming to take me up to see Mark. I might have time to sneak in a tiny nap first.

♥ Yesterday I had a really good brownie. It was from one of Mark's meals but he didn't want it. Hospital food has come a long way.

♥ I just cut my really long fingernails while wearing a nightgown with crescent moons on it and now I can't find the clippings. That's just funny.

♥ A book I'm reading on my phone (The Blythes are Quoted) is not really a good book in most ways, but I'm enjoying it hugely.

♥ Pop up chat friend is making my scary lonely morning fun. *hugs*


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