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I'm watching a lot of documentaries lately. America the Beautiful, which looks at American standards of female beauty, is very good. Preschool University, on the difficulties of getting into elite Manhattan preschools, is probably more interesting if it's relevant to you. Like, if you live in Manhattan, have a two year old, and can afford fifty grand a year in tuition.

The Billionaire's Tea Party, made by a Brit trying to figure out what the loving fuck is going on over here, makes me sad. No, Tea Parties, you're not a grassroots organization. Poor dude in Walmart clothes who built the website for free? You got hosed. The guys backing your barbecue are worth over $20 billion and that shit just ain't trickling down. Know what else? It's never going to.

Also, if you want to call the president a communist/socialist/Marxist/whatever, please learn what those words mean. 'Cause someone might ask you to defend the accusation and that shocked, stupid look, followed by orders to "look it up" is not helpful to your cause. Because I know what the words mean. I just don't know what you mean.

Tammy was just here dusting and fighting off the dogs because I forgot and scheduled the lawn guys for the same day. But she appreciated the seahorses I stamped on my thumbnails this morning. Probably no one else will notice, so that makes me feel better.

I'm supposed to be paying bills and doing financial stuff, but it's Mom's birthday and I'm taking the day off. It's also Willow's birthday. Dog's never give you a day off, but at least I don't have to bake her a cake. She's perfectly happy just chasing her rope.

The catbox experiment is working well enough that the cats are behaving. Kenny not so much, but I still think that's mostly obesity. That's not exactly news. It's more of a progress report.

Work is still up in the air and the insurance company is still a pain in the ass. They had a meeting yesterday with an agent to answer questions. I gave Russell a list. Most of the questions revolved around prescription copays and my curiosity as to how I'm saving money by paying more. Our last insurance had a three tier system, $15/$30/$45. The new one is two tiered, $15/$30. Yet when Mark picked up my last prescription, which used to be $45, he had to pay $60.

I realize this is a significant savings over the $233 and change that the drug company wants (is Cymbalta shit by California condors or something?), but there's still a lie in there somewhere. I'm so sick and tired of these guys lying to us. And the whole defense of the massive premium increase is that we'll save so much everywhere else. Yet everything costs more. The only thing we haven't tested is hospitalization. I shudder to think what the radical markup and ensuing justification on that would be.

Of course Russ went off on the guy in the meeting, showed him the receipts, pointed out the numbers in the handbook, called them liars and thieves, the whole bit. Dude had no explanation whatsoever and said someone would call me to clear it up.

Ask me if that's happened. Go ahead. I dare you.

They're just lucky I got my Cymbalta or shit'd be a lot crazier right now.

Here's Murphy Sloane in his exoskeleton, looking a little bit crazy, too.

That platform he's on? Is a piece of plywood laid over the bathtub. It doesn't work as a tub, but it's good for storage. And Murphy. Also, true fact: the bar of Irish Spring in the soap dish behind him? Came with the house.

There's a new sea urchin in the house. This one's a cute little spiny critter from Africa, dating back about 50 million years. I haven't gotten a new urchin in a long time, but I was on ebay looking at chondrites and it popped up.

This is the new urchin, along with a thumb for perspective and seahorse showing off.

The chondrites are coming from Germany. I don't know when they'll be here. It's very exciting. For some reason we don't have any. I've never even held one before. But I read about them in Scientific American and it said the slices are gorgeous under a microscope. I love microscopes.

I also love The Hunger Games. I'm going to go read now.
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I just requested a book from the library and got a notice about reduced hold numbers. They're now limiting patrons to 25 holds at a time, to ease the workload on the newly reduced staff numbers. How can there be fewer staff? I think we had 4 full time employees. Less than that and it will be difficult to keep the desk manned and the tp in the bathroom stocked simultaneously. And it's only open 5 days a week.

I hope this rule doesn't affect the number of ebook holds we're allowed. It didn't say. Those don't really require people, though. It's interesting that way. Using a home computer to check out an ebook and download it to a device is literally borrowing a book from the library, the library actually being a separate entity entirely independent of human library staff. Assuming they leave the servers running. If the power stays on, we could still be borrowing books well into the zombie apocalypse.

I recommend you borrow World War Z first.

Tammy was over yesterday to dust. Since she was just here Friday (we're reworking the schedule), the living area (read: my living area) is still pretty clean. So I sent her down to the library where she once again wildly exceeded my expectations. I told her to skip anything she couldn't reach, but she got around the old conveyor, behind the dead wheelchair, even took down the encyclopedias above the doorways. I'm not sure my books have ever been so shiny. We're definitely doing this once a month or so.

Heather's coming tomorrow. Today is just reading and waiting to see what happens with the election. I keep thinking about the painful state of denial that set in when W was elected the second time. For a week I convinced myself that it simply hadn't happened, that the election was still ahead. It was ugly. At least this time I have the GIN BLOSSOMS to look forward to! No one can take that away from me. Not even Russell. If he gets sick or something, Mark promised to fill in. He'd hate it, but he has so few opportunities to do really nice things for me, he'll do it anyway.:)

My watch band broke this morning. Again. I love this watch, but I already paid too much for it, bought a new battery the same day, and had the band fixed in September. I might spend a couple hours on eBay looking for a new one. Even if I don't find what I want, shopping is fun. And I don't really know what I want, which is even better.

Maybe they have goth Hello Kitty watches by now. My pink one broke years ago.
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Mark and I finally got our new Gunslinger t-shirts this week. This one here. He wore his to work yesterday and reported a funny conversation with a co-worker.

Co-worker: What's that on your shirt?
Mark: (Politely) What does it look like?
Co-worker: Um, it looks like a guy running away, in a desert, while a guy with a gun chases him.
Mark: Yep, that's what it is.
Co-worker: Huh. That's--uh--different from your usual shirts.
Mark: There's more to life than science, dude.
Co-worker: (Walks away quickly, looking back over his shoulder every few steps.)

I'm wearing mine today, but no one will see it. Unless I get a package and the mailman makes me open the door. That could happen.:)

Tammy was over yesterday. She's becoming one of my favorite visitors, and not just for the dusting. She was asking about my books so I gave her a copy of The Bedlam Boys. She's one of the few people who might possibly like the sequel, so I'm kind of looking forward to that. I do wish people would judge Bedlam's Child by the cover. [personal profile] speak_me_fair's art is worth buying it for.

The boys are at work today assembling the new machine. They've been doing that during their free time (ha, ha, what free time) at work all week, but today no one else is there so it'll go faster. Sucks not having them around, but at least we got to sleep late. And they took Willow, so Ranger gets the day off if no one else does.

MiniNaNo is going well. I think I like being forced to write every day, but in small amounts that no one has to see. Of course it's only day three. And I haven't started today's yet. But the first two days were awesome.:D

And in five days the election will be over and I can safely return to FaceBook! And leave the house. Because, dude, I so don't want to know anymore about how my neighbors are voting.
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But it's not even dawn so here's yesterday's news.

Ranger made a full recovery and spent the day reasserting her dominance over Willow. Surprising how quickly a dog Will's age can forget a year and a half of fuzzy-butt-whippings and start thinking she's in charge after just one day. But that misapprehension has been corrected and all is well.

Tammy came over and dusted, which is probably boring to read about but never fails to thrill me. Everything is so clean, and she's so much fun to have around. Really breaks up the boredom of a Tuesday.

I've been playing around with The Dancer this week, too. With Steve out of the way (he was a bad influence on one of the characters) and no deadline, self-imposed or otherwise, I might get it fixed up this winter. Or not. Depends on if it keeps being fun.

The nemesis avoided me all day, which was really nice. I kept the heat turned up unbearably high to reduce the chance of yelling, and apparently made some points. He wandered in last night while Mark and I were kicking back with a little Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the first hour, at least--we'll have to finish it tonight) and offered to raise the rent. That's pretty standard. If shouting doesn't work, throw money at it. Well, if it makes him feel better, who are we to say no?

Today Heather's coming over. Hopefully with canning jars, or I'll have to send her to Goodwill to look for some. She also volunteered to take the old man shopping for proper clothes if he wants to go. He probably will. Hanging out with Heather is that much fun. I'm bummed that I'll miss out on her company, but having the house to myself is nice, too. There was a new Criminal Minds DVD in the mail yesterday, and I still have a disc and a half of the final season of House. Heather doesn't let me watch that stuff with the kids in the house.

Also big plans to finish reading The Dark Tower so I can start The Hitchhiker's Guide series. I haven't read them since I got them for Kindle and short books will help my numbers. (Next on deck: Anne of Green Gables series.) I think I need to read another 40 books before the end of the year to meet my goal. This has not been a good year for me and reading. Next year I'll raise my goal again and try harder. Maybe more Kindle Singles would help. They sure did last year.


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