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To all my lovely friends, most especially those who sent V-gifts to brighten up my day. Darling Mark gave me a giant helium balloon that had Willow barking for nearly 5 minutes (it's in the air! it moves! it's coming at me!), and Cousin Heather brought over some girlfriends and Voodoo Doughnuts. Note to fans: the vegan Cock 'n' Balls is just as good as the regular.

Best of all, Steve's done at the factory as of today. When his girlfriend brings him home tomorrow we can finally get to work.:)
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Part 2 of the love meme from a couple weeks ago.

The brave and mighty [ profile] amine_eyes is, by my standards, a relatively new friend and one I am grateful every day for having met. She's a happy slashing fangirl, a bright creative university student, and she can fly military jets. Any one of those things = awesome, but all of them together? Awesome3 with chocolate syrup and a strawberry on top.

But what really makes [ profile] amine_eyes a fun friend and a constant source of joy is her attentiveness. She's shared her thoughts on nearly every post I've made since we met (and that's been a lot), bringing love and sympathy and laughter to my life every single day. Even when I fail to return the favor. So far as I can tell, she lives in a constant state of exceeding excellence--having adventures, loving and being loved by her family, working hard, getting a solid education--and does so with humility and (occasionally intoxicated:) grace.

Basically you, S, are living the life I might have chosen had it been for me to choose. But it wasn't and I'm not, so thank you for letting me share in a little part of it. Even from here it rocks because you tell it so well.

*Hugs Always*
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Does anyone have access to the movie Volcano (implausible 1997 Tommy Lee Jones disaster flick) and the overwhelming desire to make a animated icon? Because I have a pretty simple idea, and no skills whatsoever. Will trade for fic. *puppy eyes*
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Part two of the love meme from a couple weeks ago. Today we're here to adore [ profile] catyah, Queen of the Betas (and Princess of Cats).

What can you say about a person who unequivocally adores everything you write, just because you wrote it? Who betas it exhaustively but never seems to correct the dirty parts (probably because she's too distracted to pay attention to details;), and never comments on posts for fear of being perceived as praising herself, yet praises you endlessly when you're sad about not getting comments? Well, I don't know what you say, but I say she's my very best friend and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Seriously. She braves the TSA--and, you know, flying--to come all the way across the country just to see me and watch Riptide together in person instead of simultaneously while IMing. Which is something else I can really only do with her, because we love all the same things and make all the same comments simultaneously. She puts up with my dogs and my indecently exposed arch-nemesis, and cries when I cry so I don't have to do it alone.

She's sweet and loving and finds joy in every day. Flowers, birds, kittens, tomatoes--all the little things that people forget to notice can make my Kitty's day. But she also loves the wonderful things--the public bookstore readings and volunteer work and all sorts of things that improve her brilliant mind. As leader of the US Fun Army, she's always up for a good time and finds fun in nearly any situation. And for trading books, there's hardly anyone in her class.

My on true Catyah is kind and gentle and understanding, slow to anger and quick to forgive, a good Christian through and through and a better friend than I deserve. There never was another Kitty like mine, and there never will be again. I'm the luckiest Bunny in the world and never think for a second that I don't know it. :D

Love Meme!

Sep. 14th, 2011 06:46 am
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Snagged off of [ profile] catyah:

1. Reply to this post. Say anything you want!!!

2. Watch my journal over the next few days or so for a post just about you and why I think you are absolutely fabulous.

3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!!
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What happened to [ profile] thumpathumpa? Her journal is deleted and expunged, no takesies backsies.
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I just realized that, while I keep posting to LJ, I haven't actually read my flist in almost a week. That keeps happening. So things I've missed or just let slip:

Happy birthday to [ profile] speak_me_fair! I hope it was fun and joyful in spite of the anniversary connection. (And isn't it weird how your body or subconscious or whatever remembers, even when you don't think about it? They need a pill for that.) Hugs and love and happy wishes for you, and have a good time in Paris!

Also, thanks to [ profile] hardboiledbaby and [ profile] calamitycrow for the pretty v-gifts. *hugs and kisses you both*

Somewhere today, in between therapy, puppy wrangling, and staring blankly at my novel, which, let's face it, is probably too lame to even bother publishing, I will find time to finish reading and commenting on everything else. If I don't, blame the puppy. She's used to it.
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I feel like since I got sad three months ago (happy anniversary, Mom), I've worn out my welcome in a lot of places. I have this thing where I don't friend people, I friend people back. Ever since the eleventh grade, when Suzanne P. asked me, during a class project, if I always insisted on being where I wasn't wanted, I've been socially incapable of making the first move. (Yes, I realize that was more than half my lifetime ago. Your point?)

So now I'm in this situation, most noticeably on FaceBook, where people who for some reason wanted to be my friends at some point, don't anymore. It's not so much the unfriending that bothers me. At least that's honest. (Fuck you, I changed my mind, I can live with.) It's that no one replies to my posts anymore, or to my comments when I comment on theirs. It's become disturbingly like high school, where everyone got together and agreed not to speak to me, like an Amish shunning.

I'm trying to get better. I'm trying to be funny and interesting again, but I think it's too late. It seems to be too late everywhere.
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Ever since my mom died, I've been--different. I've always talked too much, but now I say really personal things to complete strangers in person, rather than just online. And whenever I do, I think of something I've read a dozen times, a passage from If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits? by Erma Bombeck. Most of us have been in Erma's place. Now I'm in the opposite role. Thank you all for listening.
I'll bet it's cold... )
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Happy birthday to [ profile] anything_can_be! Hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires!

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Happy birthday, [ profile] rabidsamfan! Hope it's a great year, full of fic and pretties and everything you want. To get it off to a good start, I brought teh multi-lingual kitteh.

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Book borrowing – do you use the library? Do you prefer to try before you buy? What about lending your books to friends? Are you a good borrower, do you remember to return books?

I use the library less now that I have Booker, but I still love it. At least once a year I go there just to look something up in a newspaper. I like to borrow books that I might not like, but if I'm sure to love it, I'm more likely to buy it before I read. There are only two people I lend books to, and they're also the only ones I borrow from. Even though it involves the post office, we always return them, and I think I do so in a timely manner. At least they never complain. ;)
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This is where I thank everyone for their hugs and good wishes and, of course, prezzies! Because what could have been a truly suck day turned out pretty well and it's really all because of you. Your love and support and happy thoughts and amazing art and fics that I adore and books that are just what I wanted totally took a bad day and made it better. *winks at Baby*

My one true Catyah got an early start by sending me The Black History of the White House a couple months ago, and yesterday there was another box with 84, Charing Cross Rd, Simon's Night, and, most importantly, Lindor milk chocolate truffles. Does she know me or what? :D And then this morning, there was fic! (I know someone who's getting all the lemon pie she can hold next time she's up this way.)

Darling [ profile] jekesta, who always dances with me, made a lovely picspam of my ♥ Murray, and enabled me to acquire two books which I desperately wanted for my Kindle: Pickets and Dead Men, and Gone With the Wind, a book that will always belong to me and my Mommy, and now also to you. (Hope that's okay, because it's really pretty special.)

And speaking of books, [ profile] sara_merry99 sent me 100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know: Math Explains Your World, because I am that big a geek. Hopefully the review will be along soon. *hugs you*

[ profile] tinx_r will be responsible for my being around next year. Well, not really (I'm not that easy to get rid of), but it sure helps. :) And now I get more user pics! Hmm. I wonder what they'll be... *hugs you mightily*

More big hugs to [ profile] seraphina_snape for the Murray gifs, one or more of which might well end up on my profile page, and [ profile] speak_me_fair for the almost unbearably gorgeous wallpaper.

And thanks for the special messages from [ profile] janedavitt, [ profile] amine_eyes, and [ profile] hardboiledbaby. They really made my day.

Last, but certainly not least, extra love to the rockstar that is [ profile] oddmonster, who creates shiny magic every day, and yet continues to surprise. I don't know how you do it, but I am humbled to be allowed to share.

If I missed anyone, it's because my email's been bitched up all day and I know there are messages I didn't get. But I couldn't go to bed without thanks and squee and undying gratitude. Except there really are no words.

*loves you all*

In a non-internet celebration, Herr took me out for Chinese for lunch, my very favorite, and then all three of us went and saw Your Highness. Which wasn't really that great, but it wasn't bad, either, and at least won't give me nightmares. And tomorrow my cousin is taking me to see Sister for cake and familial chatter. (Okay, gossip about which people from our high school are now registered sex offenders, but bonding is bonding, right?)
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This is the first time I've checked my flist since the early morning of March 21st. I can only get it to go back to the 23rd, so if someone wrote about something cool, posted a video or a fic, or just think I missed out, let me know and I'll check the journals individually. Because I really do want to see all the good stuff, I'm just disorganized. So if you suddenly get comments on posts from two weeks ago, that's why.

Also, belated happy birthday to [ profile] tinx_r! Hope it was a good one!

There's not a whole lot of other news. Death stuff under the cut )

In brighter news, we finally mostly got our house cleaned. Well, part one. M didn't work out (scheduling problems), but Cousin H knows a guy, S, who's a real cleaning machine. I didn't believe it at first, I thought he was joking and just undercutting M's price to lower my expectations. But when we had to hurry to clean up Mom's apartment before her brother got to town, H brought S and his brother and put him to work in the kitchen while the brother hauled garbage and such. He did such an amazing job, it was a little bit scary. So I had him over one day last week and he got about half of it done in 10 hours. And I mean dismantling the stove, washing walls, getting the cobwebs off the vaulted ceiling in the library--just everything. That time permitted. He's coming back tomorrow to brush up a bit and then do the rest. The living room, dining room, my bedroom and bath all need dusting and de-webbing and such. And we had fried chicken the other day, so the stove needs degreasing again. (Real Southern fried chicken is a mess, I tell you what.) It's nice to have people in the house during the day.

There's something wrong with my van, but it still runs. It started to be a problem mid-way through funeral week, but did us the favor of not actually breaking down. We think it needs U joints. So now I need a mechanic.

Friday is tax accountant day, and for some reason I let her schedule the appointment for a time when I don't actually have a ride. Not sure what the thinking there was. She's going to help with Mom's taxes, too. I really can't understand why ordinary poor working people aren't exempt when they die. Does the government think the family needs more to do? I hope she sticks it to them and gets a refund.

Oh, and during the last two weeks, I read a book. Just the one, but it felt like a tremendous accomplishment. More on that later.

*hugs you all*
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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal. ♥
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Day 21 - What is the best advice you ever got? From who?

"Don't worry about getting it right the first time. That's what rewrites are for."

~Steve Werth

This always stuck in my mind for three reasons. One, it's true. Two, it was high school and Steve Werth was the first person to ever take my writing dreams seriously. And three, I had a crush on him. (He was a year older than me und sehr cute.) Anyway, twenty years later, I'm still taking it easy and depending on the rewrites.
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Herr is helping me with a project right now to clear out the attic, and reunite me with some of my cool stuff that I haven't seen since we moved here. He's bringing down a box or two a night and I have all the next day to sort it and decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. In last night's box, among the crappy poetry I wrote as a teenager, the awesome drawings my sister did, and the series of Cyberrad Comics (which I didn't even remember), I found this:

Big picture here... )

It's hard to read, so I'll fill you in on the specs. This is a Purchaser Class license, issued in the City of Sherwood, County of Washington, State of Oregon, by the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, to a man named Floyd L Goughnour, enabling him to purchase explosives for the company that employed him at the time. The date of issue isn't filled out by hand, it's rubber-stamped: Feb. 1 1919

Floyd Goughnour was a friend of my father. I only met him a couple of times. On one of those occasions, he gave us a gallon jar of guppies which, over the years, became a swarm of rapidly breeding fish that resulted in my mom chucking the whole thing. But we loved them while they lasted. I remember that back then, Floyd had a huge, dusty, scary house that fascinated me in a way that only houses built before 1930 can. But by the last time we tried to visit him, around 1992, he was supposed to be in a small house in Grand Ronde. But he wasn't. A neighbor told us he'd been sent to a nursing home in Sheridan, and my dad wouldn't go there. He hated nursing homes with a fearful hate that was almost prescient.

Today I went Googling to see if there was any trace of this man, whom we called "the old bachelor" when I was a kid, because he'd never married or had children. All I was able to find was the Social Security Death record that says he died in Sheridan OR on May 4, 1995. His birthdate was January 15, 1897, which means he was not quite 22 when he was issued this explosives purchasing license.

I have no idea why this document is in my family. I found it in my dad's things when he died in 1997. Now I'm replicating it here, and telling you everything I know about the man (he also had a scrotal hernia and had to wear freaking HUGE pants), because this is probably the only online record that will ever exist. Hopefully Google will pick it up. Because he lived, he was a good friend, and that matters.
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Well, not everyone. I always have my one true [ profile] catyah. But I understand this Yuletide writing thing that people do takes up a lot of time. I keep thinking I'll do that, and then I never do. It's too much responsibility, producing something to meet a request, upon which rests a certain amount of someone's Christmas cheer. What if I wasn't inspired (or sane) at the right time? Way too much potential to disappoint. Plus, I suck at following rules. And deadlines.

Anyway, with everyone off doing festive things, I've gotten a lot of writing done. So maybe Yule was doable. Ah well. The pieces of the book are coming together, but they demand to be written slowly so I've been keeping the flame alive by catching up on Riptide ideas. You know that groundbreaking, established-ship defying thing I do that about 4 people actually like? Coming at you in the new year. Also, another wedding. I, for one, am very excited. :)

And, assuming I get to read the graphic novels and find what I'm looking for there, I might start writing The Losers. But the problem with a fandom that size (ie: larger than Riptide) is that it's hard to read them all, so I'm always worried that I'll just rehash someone else's idea and not just look like a plagiarizer, but probably also not do it as well. Embarrassing on every count.

Tomorrow Herr and I will spend the day with my mom and sister. It will probably be depressing, but it might also be fun. One never knows. Either way, I can come home and watch my Christmas movies and that will be good. Love Actually is a popular one. We also like The Ref, and I adore The Family Stone, although the boys don't care for it.

Today I got [ profile] oddmonster's latest book rec, Michael McDowell's Blackwater: 1--The Flood. Apparently it's a novel in five parts, released every month like Stephen King's The Green Mile. (That was so much fun, buying the new book every month and running home to read it before my idiot boyfriend got home from work. I couldn't read in front of him because he always assumed the only reason a person would read was to pointedly not talk to the other person in the room. So he'd get mad and demand to know what I was mad about and then we'd have to fight about whether or not I was mad and I wouldn't get to finish the book.) Anyway, if The Flood is as good as Odd says, I'll get to recreate that suspenseful joy by hunting down the next book every month or so, because they're oop and my library doesn't have them. But more fun, because I'm allowed to read freely now, even in front of others.

I should probably also use the time to start seriously reading Les Miserables. But I think I can safely say right now that I'll be the one asking for the extension this time. Sorry in advance, my nerdizzles.

So, yeah, that's the news. Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate this time of year. And special thanks and happy hugs to [ profile] catyah for the knowing prezzies, [ profile] hardboiledbaby and [ profile] oasis3017 for the lovely cards, and [ profile] tinx_r for the v-teddy. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend, and hits the pie hard. Because pie? Is awesome.:D

Thank you

Nov. 23rd, 2010 09:23 am
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More comments yesterday than I could reply to, but I really appreciate every single one.
*hugs and dances everyone*

Small good news: Yesterday I got the gel mattress overlay for my bed. Don't know what it's made of or how it works, but this morning, for the first time in years, my hip didn't hurt. Yay!


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