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I'm watching a lot of documentaries lately. America the Beautiful, which looks at American standards of female beauty, is very good. Preschool University, on the difficulties of getting into elite Manhattan preschools, is probably more interesting if it's relevant to you. Like, if you live in Manhattan, have a two year old, and can afford fifty grand a year in tuition.

The Billionaire's Tea Party, made by a Brit trying to figure out what the loving fuck is going on over here, makes me sad. No, Tea Parties, you're not a grassroots organization. Poor dude in Walmart clothes who built the website for free? You got hosed. The guys backing your barbecue are worth over $20 billion and that shit just ain't trickling down. Know what else? It's never going to.

Also, if you want to call the president a communist/socialist/Marxist/whatever, please learn what those words mean. 'Cause someone might ask you to defend the accusation and that shocked, stupid look, followed by orders to "look it up" is not helpful to your cause. Because I know what the words mean. I just don't know what you mean.

Tammy was just here dusting and fighting off the dogs because I forgot and scheduled the lawn guys for the same day. But she appreciated the seahorses I stamped on my thumbnails this morning. Probably no one else will notice, so that makes me feel better.

I'm supposed to be paying bills and doing financial stuff, but it's Mom's birthday and I'm taking the day off. It's also Willow's birthday. Dog's never give you a day off, but at least I don't have to bake her a cake. She's perfectly happy just chasing her rope.

The catbox experiment is working well enough that the cats are behaving. Kenny not so much, but I still think that's mostly obesity. That's not exactly news. It's more of a progress report.

Work is still up in the air and the insurance company is still a pain in the ass. They had a meeting yesterday with an agent to answer questions. I gave Russell a list. Most of the questions revolved around prescription copays and my curiosity as to how I'm saving money by paying more. Our last insurance had a three tier system, $15/$30/$45. The new one is two tiered, $15/$30. Yet when Mark picked up my last prescription, which used to be $45, he had to pay $60.

I realize this is a significant savings over the $233 and change that the drug company wants (is Cymbalta shit by California condors or something?), but there's still a lie in there somewhere. I'm so sick and tired of these guys lying to us. And the whole defense of the massive premium increase is that we'll save so much everywhere else. Yet everything costs more. The only thing we haven't tested is hospitalization. I shudder to think what the radical markup and ensuing justification on that would be.

Of course Russ went off on the guy in the meeting, showed him the receipts, pointed out the numbers in the handbook, called them liars and thieves, the whole bit. Dude had no explanation whatsoever and said someone would call me to clear it up.

Ask me if that's happened. Go ahead. I dare you.

They're just lucky I got my Cymbalta or shit'd be a lot crazier right now.

Here's Murphy Sloane in his exoskeleton, looking a little bit crazy, too.

That platform he's on? Is a piece of plywood laid over the bathtub. It doesn't work as a tub, but it's good for storage. And Murphy. Also, true fact: the bar of Irish Spring in the soap dish behind him? Came with the house.

There's a new sea urchin in the house. This one's a cute little spiny critter from Africa, dating back about 50 million years. I haven't gotten a new urchin in a long time, but I was on ebay looking at chondrites and it popped up.

This is the new urchin, along with a thumb for perspective and seahorse showing off.

The chondrites are coming from Germany. I don't know when they'll be here. It's very exciting. For some reason we don't have any. I've never even held one before. But I read about them in Scientific American and it said the slices are gorgeous under a microscope. I love microscopes.

I also love The Hunger Games. I'm going to go read now.
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I still miss you, but we're okay. I wish you were here to see it.
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First, big happy birthday wishes to [ profile] amine_eyes and [ profile] sara_merry99! Hope it's been a great year, a great day, and much more greatness to come! *HUGS*

And second, more prompty thing results!
A bit of Star Trek for the aforementioned [ profile] amine_eyes, who deserves two fics but I ran out of time, und ein wenig Starsky and Hutch for [ profile] barancoire. Love and hugs to you both, and thanks so much for playing!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] valis2! Hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires!

A Birthday!

Jun. 9th, 2012 06:55 pm
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Happy birthday to [ profile] catyah! Hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires! And if it's not, we'll fix that tomorrow!

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Happy birthday to [ profile] didihutchimpits! Hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake and Starsky and Hutch that your heart desires!

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This is a flash video and can't be embedded, so click HERE for the funny. It's totally worth it.

Music by Linkin Park
Video by Brian Raddatz

A Birthday!

Apr. 1st, 2012 10:30 am
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Happy late birthday to [ profile] tinx_r! Hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires!

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Happy birthday, [ profile] barancoire! Hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires!

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Happy birthday [ profile] krossero! I hope it's a bright happy day filled with love and joy and all the good that you deserve. Thanks for being my friend for another year, you brave, awesome, fearless soul. May all your journeys be grand, your troubles be few, and your birthday cake never-ending!

::special birthday hugs::

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Happy happy birthday to [ profile] sara_merry99 and [ profile] amine_eyes, two of my favorite LJers! You're totally special people and awesome friends and I just can't imagine a day without you. Have a great birthday and a spectacular year!


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Happy birthday to [ profile] valis2! Hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires!

A Birthday!

Aug. 6th, 2011 07:04 am
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Happy birthday to [ profile] andeincascade! Hope it's filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires!

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Happy birthday to [ profile] oddmonster! I hope it's filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires! And that you survive it. ;)

Please accept this heartfelt kitten in place of the fic that I meant to write and swear I'll be starting soon.

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Happy birthday to [ profile] jekesta! I'm so sorry this is late, because I was totally thinking about you all week. But I do hope it was filled with all the love and joy and cake your heart desires!

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I just realized that, while I keep posting to LJ, I haven't actually read my flist in almost a week. That keeps happening. So things I've missed or just let slip:

Happy birthday to [ profile] speak_me_fair! I hope it was fun and joyful in spite of the anniversary connection. (And isn't it weird how your body or subconscious or whatever remembers, even when you don't think about it? They need a pill for that.) Hugs and love and happy wishes for you, and have a good time in Paris!

Also, thanks to [ profile] hardboiledbaby and [ profile] calamitycrow for the pretty v-gifts. *hugs and kisses you both*

Somewhere today, in between therapy, puppy wrangling, and staring blankly at my novel, which, let's face it, is probably too lame to even bother publishing, I will find time to finish reading and commenting on everything else. If I don't, blame the puppy. She's used to it.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] gr8kat, my darling, lovely sister! I hope you're celebrating and having a great day, and we'll have another when I get there! Love and hugs and happy to you!

A Birthday!

Jul. 2nd, 2011 06:13 am
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Happy birthday to [ profile] oasis3017! I know it's late--once again failure to check my flist has negative consequences for others. Aber ich liebe dich, mein Freund, and wish you all the best. Thank you for your friendship, compassion and understanding, and for all the lovely stories you share throughout the year. You are a blessing to us all, and I hope you're birthday was every bit as wonderful and special as you deserve. *HUGS ALWAYS*


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