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The last two days I've been watching Legit on the DVR. I recorded it because I will, quite honestly, watch literally anything with DJ Qualls in it. I've seen Road Trip. Twice.

But I didn't watch Legit right away because I hate getting hooked on first season shows that might go away. And I didn't want it to be bad. Or be really good and then run out. It's hard.

Imagine my surprise when I put it on the first time and found that the actor I was watching it for played a character with muscular dystrophy. And not only does he do it really well, except for lacking a couple of the telltale deformities that can't be faked, all of his plot lines address some aspect of being a young adult with MD that people just don't talk about. Things that I've been trying to explain since I was about fifteen that make normal people narrow their eyes and say either Huh, I never thought of that, or, if they can't fathom it, That isn't right, why don't they just [thing that immobilized, non-autonomous person could never do].

And here it is being portrayed on a really funny show, by an extremely talented actor who happens to look the part (remember when Rob Lowe was dying of AIDS on Life Goes On? not like that), and I seriously hope everyone is watching.

If you're not, some highlights:

♣ Young men with Billy's condition usually die without ever having had sex. Usually. As in the majority. Because they're immobile by the age of eighteen, they generally never leave home and remain under their mother's care for life. Mothers rarely encourage or facilitate their sons getting laid, especially the religious ones.

♣ Billy is 32, which is pushing the new outer limits of his expected lifespan. The majority die around 27, a significant increase over 20 years ago when the average lifespan was 18. I personally know one young man of 33 who is married with children. Of all the boys I knew growing up, he's the only one to accomplish any of those three things.

♣ One of the major improvements in this show over others that have prominently featured wheelchair using characters (to my knowledge three: Stevie on Malcolm in the Middle, Damian in the last season of Rescue Me, and Joe on Family Guy; I don't count Glee because the ridicule heaped on the handicapped child by actual school faculty was too painful to watch) is that it's very real. Even Billy's power chair is high tech and operated correctly, rather than treated as a prop. (See Rescue Me, where the kid is obviously in a power chair, but it has no control box, no push handles, and is never seen to move. He may as well be in a freaking Barc-o-Lounger.)

♣ As mentioned before, DJ is the perfect actor for this role. He's skinny and adorably funny looking and can do more with his voice and ability to cry at will than most actors can with their whole bodies. When he screams at his hoarder mother to for god's sake throw out the crutches from when he was ten, he'll never need them, even if they find a cure tomorrow it's still too late for him, all of disabled America heaved a sigh of relief. Enough with the goddamn unrealistic expectations, okay? It's not something we can fight. Just help us out or let us be.

And when he gets evicted from his care home and can't be returned to the aforementioned hoarder mom because the state said so, and his battery dies on the bridge and he finds he can't even kill himself, I cried. He was around for the next episode because an asshole wanted to be known as a good guy. Billy's not only an object of charity, it's for a shitty reason. And that's what will keep him alive.

♣ But the best part? As long as he lives with his brother and the charitable asshole, he will get to be a man, not a child. A man on oxygen who has a magnificent cock but not the ability to jerk off, yet still a man nonetheless.

A man who might make it possible for me to say I have muscular dystrophy and, instead of hearing oh, MS? My aunt had that (it's always an aunt), hear Oh, like that awesome guy on Legit.

And I will be proud to say, Yes, like him.

I'll probably cry when I do.
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This still isn't the enormous picspam I've been promising, which gets bigger every day. It's just what I did to get pix you haven't seen yet. Heather's kept her promise to be over twice a week, except yesterday when I went to work with the boys and she picked me up there to go to another county fair! A much bigger and more involved one than we have here, but equally hot and with fewer horses. Apparently horses are such a big deal there that they have a county horse fair as a separate event. If it hasn't happened yet, I'm going to ask if we can go.

The temp's been in the high 90s and low 100s for a week. This is bad for everyone but me, as I'm mostly inside with the a/c on. The fairs and air show are exceptions that have led to a really nice tan. With just a little more work I should have enough color to last the winter. Not that I'm out to impress anyone, I just feel more alive in the cold and dark when I don't look like snow.

Heather's grandma, her dad's mom, is living at the fair in a tent in Pioneer Village, which is also incredibly cool. She's an herbalist and candle maker, as well as a Native American drummer, in real life, too. I like her a lot better than I do Heather's dad, the useless piece of trash who cheated on her mom (my first cousin) for their entire marriage, while she worked two jobs to support the family and he mostly took her money to buy drugs. She died not long after they were divorced, and he's since ruined the lives of at least three other women (one of whom died during their relationship--he won't tell us why). Now he's living with his mom and still being frighteningly useless. Like, to the extent that Heather had to take her two year old into the ladies at Safeway and try to keep him in the stall while transferring me because her dad refused to watch said child. That would have meant standing by the open door of the van where the baby was strapped into his car seat, instead of sitting in the shade twenty feet away and smoking. She doesn't allow smoking within 5 feet of the baby, so to grandpa the choice was clear.

Also, he kept following me around, bragging about how much he knew about flowers and herbs, and showing me how his cigarette rolling technology is so much superior to mine. (Dude, it's not that important!) After a while I realized I was being hit on by a fifty year old thirteen year old. Who used to be married to my cousin. And is the father of the cousin I think of as a sister. Can I get an EW? Thank you.

Fortunately, once we were at the fair we were able to ditch him by asking him to push the stroller or carry the diaper bag. I did my usual fair eating and shopping: a corndog, two pairs of stripped knee socks (black/mauve and black/grey, for the days when Hello Kitty isn't appropriate), some polished stones that I want to make into necklaces, and a turquoise bracelet to match the necklace that you've seen and the earrings that you haven't. Yet.

And there was a butterfly tent! With free admission! I've never done an up close and personal with a kaleidoscope of butterflies before so that was a real experience. I had to go alone, though, because Heather can't handle bugs on her. Normally I can't either, but I make an exception for flutterbys. We also saw a hop of rabbits apparently living wild in someone's yard. And I looked up the words for these groups so I could use them here. Butterflies are also called a rabble but I don't like that word as much.

At quitting time, Heather returned me to Mark for the trip home and went back to the fair. It was hard for her because going to the fair was something she always did with her mom. Which is a problem I've always had too, needing to go with either my mom or sister. But when Heather and I are together, it's still family but it's different enough to distract us from the people who are missing. Also, when she's stuck with her dad and sister, she's the only grownup. I need care like a baby with a motorized stroller but I'm still an additional responsible adult. Seriously, when she went to get some stuff from the van and I wanted to go along to have a smoke, she asked me to stay and watch her dad and sister watch the baby, who was strapped into his stroller. Because she needed one person with him that she could trust. That's actually the level of useless I'm talking about here.

The worst part of the day was when we were loading me up to go meet the boys and I scratched the shit out of someone's car with the poorly designed headrest adjuster on my chair. I've torn up windowsills, scarred the front door, and seriously injured half the members of the household, but this was bad. The car apparently belongs to someone else living in the Pioneer Village so they probably don't even know yet. Of course I left a note, but I still feel so bad, especially after what happened to Heather's van outside our house last week. I can't stop worrying that the note will blow away or something and they won't find it. Not that the two things are related, it's just a weird coincidence.

The best part of that is that we were alone so we didn't have to deal with her dad's take on the situation. In spite of the complete role reversal that's taken place, he kept spontaneously turning parental and trying to give orders. That's right, the same guy who said yes twice when his daughter asked if he had the fair tickets (he got free ones from his mom), and then announced when we were halfway there (we had to pick him up, forty-five minutes out of town) that he didn't have them, was trying to be in charge. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know that his youngest child is about an eyelash away from becoming the Barber family matriarch (attrition's hit us hard the last ten years), and he wouldn't respect her if he did. But the fact that she doesn't care about having his respect just makes me love her more.

Anyway, everyone was hot and tired and hungry, especially the boys--who didn't even get to play with butterflies while being hot and tired, so we stopped at Burgerville for awesome milkshakes. I wasn't going to actually eat high calorie, high fat, fried food after the corndog, but they accidentally gave us two orders of fries. Russ needs them even less than I do so I did the right thing and jumped on that yummy, salty, reasonably portioned grenade. And I'd do it again, damn it. That's how much I love my family.

Now I'm helping Mark out by watching Breaking Bad all day on Netflix. He's on his third time through S1-4 and desperate for me to catch up so we can watch all the S5 eps stacking up on the DVR. Of course I'd do anything for my otter half, but it really is a good show. Probably the best way to fill time between Criminal Minds DVDs.

In other news, Sister finally got a wheelchair van so if she survives this sudden staph infection, she'll be going out more. And my uncle is coming a week from tomorrow to help me bury Mom. Sister probably won't go to that even if she is better, but Heather asked if she could. I'm still awaiting Harold's approval. He could really go either way.
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I suck at keeping track of first-run tv shows, mostly because I'm never awake when they're on. So can someone let me know when the new season of Criminal Minds starts? I'm getting caught up with Netflix and I don't want to miss anything!
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Why don't they get their terminology right? The detectives and district attorney keep referring to nude photos of a 16 or 17 year old girl as "kiddie porn" that will soon end up on the internet where it will fall into the hands of "pedophiles".

Okay, I don't know the exact term for naked teenage porn. Underage? It is that. But it's not kiddie porn and pedophiles aren't interested in teenagers. They're interested in children who haven't reached puberty and are lacking secondary sexual characteristics like body hair and breasts. Shouldn't the Special Victims Unit, being all elite and all, know the difference? And shouldn't the writers, since they're preaching and "educating" the population like every episode is a seminar on crime statistics, make some effort not to spread misinformation?

I had the misfortune of knowing a pedophile once. I saw the kind of porn he liked. A seventeen year old seems downright reasonable in comparison. At least she looks like an adult.
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It's amazing how it grows on one. I think it gets better the longer it goes, and I can't believe they canceled it after only four years. I thought the first season was totally ridiculous, couldn't believe it stayed on after that, but now it's completely awesome! I love the growth and character development, especially with Marc and Amanda. Marc's vulnerable and honest moments are my very favorite part of the show. Any ep where his little chin quivers is a great one. And when he and Betty talk on the phone while they're sitting at desks ten feet apart? Thoroughly warms my wittle heart.

And the music! It's my soundtrack! The other day I saw an episode that featured Circle by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. I didn't think anyone even remembered them, and it's such an obscure song but it's totally one of my favorites and they played almost all of it. And then just now? They played all of The New Pornographers' Adventures of Solitude while Betty was breaking up with her boyfriend. I love Adventures in Solitude. It's the theme song of my second novel.

I feel so understood.
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If you've never seen it, this might still be interesting because it's about the transsexual plotline. Behind the cut for anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled.
Why Alexis doesn't make sense to me )
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I'm watching Who Really Watches the Sunset?, primarily for two reasons. One, it's the laundry episode and Murray's knobby knees in those absurd shorts makes me very happy. (Although, looking at him now, I'm distressed to realized that Herr is much, much thinner. And really, no grown man should be thinner than Murray.) The only one I like better for that is Father's Day, where the shorts are slightly more attractive and he wears the long sleeved t-shirt instead of the button-down so we get some sharp collarbone action.

The other thing I love about Sunset is the scene with the hanged man. Cody and Marlene are having their intense discussion, while in the background, slightly out of focus, Murray is handling the rope and talking to Quinlan and the uniforms. It's all very civil, they're listening to what he has to say, and in the end, Quinlan tells him he's right and he did a good job. It's probably the first real occasion where they worked together honestly and with mutual respect. A small step up from Does Not Compute, where Quinlan has to manipulate Murray and no one actually trusts him. But even there, given the way it ends with Quinlan being made a fool of and *not* taking it out on them, it looks to me like he's trying to work his way in. Lonely Lieutenant is lonely.

But just now I noticed something else. After the body is taken away, Quinlan and Marlene have a short exchange that establishes that they know each other and aren't exactly friends. This makes sense, considering how rarely police and reporters are. But he's doing his little routine, smirking and sneering, like he's got something on her. I always assumed that was just his usual ego, except for one thing. He says they're all done at the scene and she can look around, but don't touch anything [smirk]. And Marlene says, "Why, Ted, [she calls him Ted] when was the last time I looked and didn't touch?" *double take*

Now I'm wondering if I didn't miss a really good opportunity when I was explaining canon!Quinlan. That could have been a lot of fun.
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I'm watching the Knight Rider pilot, and, forgive me if I'm stating the obvious here, but all of a sudden it really reminded me of Christine. There's a scene where Michael is in jail and KITT is impounded by Comtron, the evil corporation. (There's always an evil corporation.) In the dead of night (no pun intended, [ profile] catyah, but feel free to giggle anyway), KITT wakes up, flips on his headlights, and drives through a wall. Except for the fact that Christine had a remote to work the overhead door, it was so like her rolling out of Darnell's garage to wreak her vengeance.

At first I thought KR was an obvious rip-off of Christine, which was enormously popular as both a book and a movie. But the book came out in 1983 and the show in '82. So who borrowed from whom, Mr. King? Or was it simply car-that-drives-itself time?
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What is it about this man that fascinates me so? Is it the shifting eye color? I'm sure they're blue, but on Riptide, you'd swear they were brown. Is it the nose? Could be. Going back fifty years, you can find him on TV in his mid-twenties, a quiet and serious actor at the beginning of a long career. His final role (to date) is a 1994 guest appearance on Wings, where he dies in his sleep the evening Joe and Brian Hackett decide to play a prank and dress him in women's clothes. I didn't finish watching it, since Jack was dead and the episode was kind of stupid.

As was the 1986 episode of Highway to Heaven, but he played a good part. He was the father of a Murray Bozinsky-esque genius who went to college at the age of 12 and had a hard time fitting in. At one point the boy wanted to quit, but after a visit home and a pretty little teary eyed speech from his proud father while they repair a broken lawn mower, he decides to stick it out. I fast-forwarded though a lot of the Michael Landon crap and it wasn't bad.

Better was his final episode of The A-Team, where he spent season 4 pursuing them as General Fullbright. After hiring the team for a job in Vietnam, he's shot in the back and finally gets the death scene that Cannell denied him on Riptide. I wonder if that was part of the point. According to the trivia pages on IMDB, Jack was transferred from Riptide to The A-Team to placate George Peppard, who was resentful of being a "real" actor and playing second banana, as he saw it, to Mr. T. Jack, being a fellow "real" actor from the old days, was supposed to be his friend and bring peace back to the set. So why kill him at the end of season 4 when the show ran another year? Did Jack want to retire? Was George tired of him after six episodes? Or did they just owe him that touching death?

Whatever it is, I wish they hadn't brought in this Frankie Santana person. I'm three eps in and already thoroughly tired of him. Obviously, they felt they needed another handsome young man, but with Face and Murdock already there, he's totally unnecessary and just sucks up valuable screen time. I hope he goes away.
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But it's 2:30 in the afternoon. And no one's home. So I'm watching Starsky and Hutch (Nightmare, at the moment) and trying to amuse myself. Very difficult when I'm this sleepy. My cousin called to talk about visiting tomorrow, and that's always nice, but it makes me tired. Seriously. When I talk to her on the phone, a feeling of lethargy overtakes me and it's very hard to shake. Maybe she's just really relaxing.

It was a busy morning, though. My LibraryThing giveaway ended, so I had 5 books (The Bedlam Boys, by Bonnie Morse; nods to [ profile] eroticjames) to autograph and package for mailing. No one I knew won, which surprised me, and yet shouldn't have. I think there were 208 requesters for 5 books, so what were the odds? Anyone who can calculate the odds is welcome to do so and let me know. Wait, it's forty to one, isn't it? Something like that?

I got my first royalty payment today, for those 2 books I've sold. I figure I only need to sell another 30 or so to break even. Or maybe 150. Depends on which outlet people use. That could happen, right? Maybe if Rainbow Reviews is kind. Also, I was updating my MySpace page, for the one person who still goes there, and while posting to my blog, I was able to put my own book up under currently reading. Of course I'm not, but the cover photo is nice, and just being able to do it was such a thrill. It's in a system that allows such things. I feel like Pinocchio or the Velveteen Rabbit. As if I've suddenly become real.

Those of you on your second or third books: does this go away? Or does it get better? I bet it gets better.
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From [ profile] captainpixie

Favorite Actor: Overall--Thom Bray, Current--Hugh Laurie
Favorite Actress: Julianne Moore
Favorite Child Actor: DJ Qualls (playing fast and loose with the definition of child, but little kids on screen annoy me.)
Favorite Child Actress: Zooey Deschanel

Current Favorite Song: James--Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
Current Favorite Show: The Big Bang Theory
Current Favorite Film: Too many to choose from, but probably either the original Flight of the Phoenix, or Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Current Favorite Novel: Depending on the day: Gone With the Wind by Margarette Mitchell, The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie or No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy
Current Favorite Band: Toss up between Counting Crows and They Might be Giants

Current Het OTP: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
Current Slash OTP: Murray/Quinlan (Riptide)
Favorite On-Screen Family: The Stones (The Family Stone)
Favorite On-Screen Kiss: Jamal/Hector (My Name is Earl: The Gangs of Camden County)
Favorite On-Screen Hug: Sheldon/Penny (The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis)

Rec a Vid: Quoshara's Riptide vid You and I
Rec a Fic: Catyah's Metamorpha-Hiss
Rec a Comm: [ profile] pier56, of course.
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Randy, that show ain't been on for 20 years.
I've been tracking down all the Riptide references in movies and tv shows, as listed here on IMDB. The above is from My Name is Earl, season 3, episode 1, My Name is Inmate. It makes me happy that people haven't forgotten.

Another nice one is in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Mitchell. A truly awful movie that actually does deteriorate into a lovely Riptidian boat/helicopter chase.

But the best one, if you have access to Netflix and 45 minutes to spare, is Boomtown, season 1, episode 7, Insured by Smith and Wesson. (It's on disc 2, btw.) Joe Penny guest stars as ex-actor Les Van Buren, who played Frank Wesson on the fictional 80s cop show Insured by Smith and Wesson. He has some nice flashback memories of the opening credits of his show, which is composed mostly of the opening credits of Riptide (including Perry/Cody as Tom Something/Smith) and a little bit of a scene from Long Distance Daddy. If there were other, non credit, scenes used, I couldn't place them, but I'd appreciate it if anyone else who watches it can point out any more. (Also, if you have any idea why an actual cop would be flying a giant pink helicopter on the job, here's your chance to weigh in.)

There's a rather lengthy scene later in the ep where one of the cops is remembering watching the show, which was his inspiration for becoming a cop, and they use a clip from 36 Hours Until Dawn (just Nick and the girl, sorry), with a little vocal dubbing from Joe to make it fit better. You'll understand what that means if you see it. It's a really poignant show for fans of Joe and Riptide; kind of left me wondering how much was made up and how much might have been based on his life. Not much, I hope. It did not end well for Les Van Buren.
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First, and most obviously, I am way too involved in this show. It's, like, personal now. I love the whole premise of two brothers working together, fighting evil. And letting Sam be tempted and, at least temporarily overpowered, by evil was kind of a nice touch. Realistic, and gives them personal obstacles to overcome. They needed that after the finding John storyline ended. Most of all, I loved how they were always together at the end of the show, no matter what.

Controversial concepts and spoilers under the cut... )
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1. Am baking much Catbread, for those who are not yet choked to death by it. I think I have four readers left, and love you all very much for encouraging my crusty kitty fun.

2. Have continued my study of the career of Jack Ging, which is relevant to the Catbread process, by watching a 1959 episode of The M Squad, where he got shot, but wasn't the bad guy. And it was the 50s, so there was no blood. When did people start really bleeding on TV? I think it must have been the late 80s or early 90s. Also, Where the Red Fern Grows, which I haven't seen since I was maybe seven years old, though I've read the book many times. He played the father, and since it was 1974, they had him doing a Michael Landon kind of thing. Only better looking, and a better actor. Interestingly, he used to be bigger. I noticed that in his first A-Team guest appearance in '83. By the time he was playing Quinlan in '84, he was much leaner. I wonder if that was on purpose.

3. I finished The God Eaters, which is a great book if you like magic, steampunk, and bad guys who become sort of good guys while having sex with other guys. It definitely played a lot better than it would have with a girl. I'm all for heterosexual relationships, but nothing drags down an action story like some whiny chick who can't keep her hair from whipping in her face. (Everyone who thinks Keira Knightly owes someone a hefty fine for Domino, please raise your hands. I thought so.)

4. On a similar note, my A-Team watching has progressed to the point where they've gotten rid of all their tag-along reporter chicks and can get back to being four cool guys on the run. Although I give them kudos for not dismissing Amy as summarily as I first thought. She is mentioned a couple of times as being on a foreign assignment before being forgotten completely. And I hate her a lot less after seeing the driveling word-I-never-use who briefly replaced her. I mean, Tawnia? What the hell kind of name is that, anyway? (It is, incidentally, very close to the word-I-never-use.)

5. I started reading Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down, as recommended by [ profile] theunmovedmover, whom I hope is still with us and reading. If you are, please reply. I'm a tiny bit worried, kiddo. Emails can't be far away.

6. This led me back to BookMooch to look for other NH novels. I was able to request How to be Good, but High Fidelity is still too rare. I could only get it in Swedish or German, and while I do mooch German books occasionally, I limit it to those which are originally written in German, like the works of Goethe and Herman Hesse. (Which really wigs out Herr Tanzer, because he gets him confused with Rudolph Hess, whom he doesn't really want me to read.) So I wishlisted it and will await the email when there's one available. I also mooched a copy of The Flight of the Phoenix by Elleston Trevor (one of my all time favorite books) for a friend, and my mooched copy of Bent arrived in the mail. For those who aren't familiar, Bent is the story of two gay men who meet on a train to Dachau and fall in love in the camp. It does not end well, of course, but that's the point. My sister and I saw it (twice) when it was performed by an amateur theatrical group in Salem back in '94 and it was just unreal. The actors, for all that they were untrained, were wonderful, and the story itself is heartbreaking. I still have the playbill, and one of the posters, which the actor who played the old uncle gave me on closing night. He actually was a professional, having appeared as an extra in both Jaws and Rosemary's Baby when he was very young. (Child on beach and child in tree, respectively.)

7. I also made my first meatloaf in God knows how long. The old man insisted on making one and his are just dreadful so I kind of took over on him. After watching his method, I can see why it doesn't work. But it's baking now and it smells so good, I'm kind of excited. I love meatloaf but I just can't eat his, so whee! He put in way too much meat, though (really poor meat to cracker ratio), so I made it much bigger and then froze the other half so we can have more later. I used to do that when I lived alone--make a big bowl of it and freeze it in little loaves for one. Good times.

8. The geezer is tired of waiting and is now mangling my pretty meatloaf so he can put part of it in the microwave and eat it now. That won't taste good at all, and he'll say mine is no better than his. The man simply doesn't know how to cook. The boys tell me he used to; when they were kids, he made great meatloaf, but I see no sign of it now. Perhaps it's lost with age, like hearing and the ability to keep up with electronics.

Which also makes me wonder if people old enough to really be interested in The M Squad actually know how to operate DVD players.
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I've progressed on to [ profile] hardboiledbaby's beloved Alias Smith and Jones. This is a fun show! It's got horses, gunfights, good humor and two guys who love each other to death. Like an old west Starsky and Hutch. I am much impressed. I see, though, why she says not to bother after Pete Duel is replaced as Hannibal Heyes. He's definitely the cute one in this partnership. And it would be pretty hard to buy slipping someone new in, as if Kid wouldn't notice. I always get reality and fiction confused that way.

So thank you, Baby, for all the lovely fics that led me to this lovely horsie world. I look forward to many more, as well as the rest of the season. :)
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This was a totally respectable episode. I was surprised (I don't know why) by how funny it was, in a totally non-ironic way. I mean, there were some good lines ("You're nuts!" "No, I'm condiments. I've been promoted!), and the car crashes were great. I loved Liz Sheridan going along for the car chase because Face was too cute to get out of the cab. And after he wipes out so spectacularly that they're actually left suspended in the air, she asks him (and Hannibal) out for drinks. Way to go, Mrs. Ochmonek! And the proper British couple bailing on BA because he's crazy, only to get into Murdock's cab. And out again immediately. Classic!

My one real question about this episode (other than was it an intentional joke to name Murdock's puppet dog Socky, so it would sound like saki, like the Whack-o/Waco dispute in Range Rider) is--why is Face suddenly so opposed to being a cab driver? In the season one episode The Out of Towners, he forged a hack license of his own volition so he could work for a real company as part of his reconnoiter and never said a word. He was even dressed for it. (And doesn't he look yummy behind the wheel? Why is he not always driving?) Maybe [ profile] jekesta can help me out with this.
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That's right, I just watched the A-Team two parter, When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? Easily my favorite so far (partway into season 2). Still dragging around that annoying little reporter chick, but Murdock in his cowboy gear more than makes up for it. I can't adequately describe my feelings about him in this episode, which is maybe the first to really illustrate his competence and occasional bursts of sanity. His sympathy for the horses, and theirs for him, is my undoing. (Also, Mr. T on horseback? Wow.)

I had to make a new icon for this post, and the more I played with the image, the more beautiful it seemed, and I had to stop looking at it because it began to hurt. His expression can almost always hurt me. It's like watching Thom as Joby Kenyon all the time. Joby never smiled, and Murdock does, but it's still painful.

I fear [ profile] jekesta is rubbing off on me. Being easily influenced is a full time job.
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Starting with, is it still lunchtime if you don't eat?

Yesterday Herr hooked up the water line to the new refrigerator and now it makes ice. It's kind of loud and strange, when the ice starts to move. The water it dispenses does not taste good, but we're hoping that'll get better. On the bright side, it's bigger than I thought it would be inside. It's amazing how much cubic footage you can get for only a couple of inches in external dimensions. The miracle of volumetrics.

The boys are at the Far West show. I'm not there, obviously, which means I'm missing my annual shot at seeing the Captain. I went last year and managed to miss him anyway, which sucked, but at least I had a chance. The show is sort of invitation only, not open to the public, and I guess the new bosses decided I wasn't worth the cost of a badge. Well, I'm not an employee, so maybe I'm not. But I always enjoyed the show. And the whole going outside thing. Except for that year I had the breakdown and didn't want to leave the house, but the show was still fun.

Instead of catching up with Cap'n Michael, I'm watching The A-Team on DVD and marveling at what a great actor Dwight Schultz really is. He was always my favorite character, but he's an actual actor, too. For some reason that surprises me, much as it surprised me to discover that Thom Bray was a great actor. (If you don't believe me, compare Murray Bozinsky to John Hodges in Deepstar Six and tell me that's not magic.) And The A-Team is funny, too. Although I keep wondering why they return Murdock to the hospital after every job. They'll just need him again in two days anyway.
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Snagged from [personal profile] catyah  Since she took my first choice, can anyone guess which show I used?

Choose your genre show, answer the questions using episode titles from that show--if possible, don't repeat any.

Are you a male or a female?
Fuzz Lady

Describe yourself:
The Mouse

How do you feel:
 Quicker Than the Eye

Describe where you currently live:
Right At Home

If you could go anywhere where would you go?
Welcome to Santa Rosa County

Your favorite form of transportation:
The Old Engine

Your best friend is:
Alley Cat (or Boot)

What’s the weather like:

Favorite time of day:
All Night Long

If your life was a TV show, it would be called:
Insanity Epidemic

What is life to you:

Your fear:

What is the best advice you have to give:
Hang Up

Thought for the Day:
Not Available

How I would like to die:

My soul’s present condition:

My motto:
Onward and Upward

If you didn't guess, it was Emergency!

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I just started watching some Big Bang comms for all the excellent Sheldon-Penny action, and this video came up today. It appears to be incomplete, but I recommend watching it anyway.


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