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I'm sort of begging everyone to watch this. It'll be worth it.

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I was just rereading my early drabble experiment, Peaceful the Knives, and found that I never credited the guy I stole the title from. It was Julian Cope, and the line's in here somewhere.

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This has ever been a favorite song. This version, however, is new to me.

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It's true, the Multiplaz requires 50% ethenol, which is 100 proof vodka. Mark's using Smirnoff's, since it's a tax write-off anyway. This is his first time running a plasma welder so he's just messing around, getting a feel for it. Next weekend he'll be making awesome stuff for real!
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Remember the neighbor with the loud car? The guy who made me so crazy that I wrote a Riptide fic where Murray and Quinlan had a neighbor just like him and destroyed his car over and over until he lost his mind? He's out there right now revving that engine for all it's worth, and I realized that I miss the days when he was our worst neighbor.

Now we have the screaming fighting drunks across the street, the ones with eleven people in a three bedroom house, who've always kind of hated us because Steve used to go over there to drink and complain. It isn't just the fighting and screaming obscenities, or even the lies about what happened to Heather's car that day we came home and it'd been hit. It's that they're actually de-evolving now. Like, full-on Jonathon Coulton, There's a Monkey in the Future for You, de-evolving.

Right now they're in a primitive man state where the males urinate in the front lawn in broad daylight and drag the women around by their hair. These things are true. I've seen them while sitting on the front porch at two in the afternoon. But the other day six or seven of the eleven were outside yelling YUUUPPP, in imitation of that guy (Dave?) on Storage Wars that everyone hates. That's not even primitive man, y'all. That's primates trying to imitate human sound.

And there's nothing modern science can do.

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The first half is triggering for rape and all manner of abuse, but the second half makes it worthwhile, I promise.


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