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The Colony of Cats, because its about a houseful of talking cats that has trouble finding good help.
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It got off to a sleepy start when Mark dressed me and put me to bed at a quarter to four this morning. But when I woke up at nine-thirty, Steve was up and watching tv so he dragged me out and I tried again. It was unusually not-sucky for a February day--just a little wind and drizzle, highs in the mid-50s--and I really wanted to go outside. Somehow smoking on the porch isn't cutting it, outdoor-wise. So when Steve said he wanted to go up the street for a haircut, I went along.

We had lunch first, and sure enough there was an actual barbershop down the block. I'd never been in one before and it really was like on tv. Lot of chairs for waiting, three for cutting, and two barbers each working on a customer while one of them, a large older man, told what must have been a very long story. He was on it when we got there, talked the whole time we were waiting, while the other guy paid and left, and while Steve's hair was cut, finally wrapping up and leaving a couple of minutes before we did. There was no cash register and they swept up the hair when the chairs were empty, rather than between each customer.

I read Peyton Place on my iPhone and didn't say a word.

It was raining a little but the wind wasn't bad and we had hats, so we went on up to Fourth where the smoke shop is supposed to be. The windows were papered over and a sign said it was closed until inspection. While we pondered that, the owner came out and told us about the fire last month and how they're still rebuilding, so we'll try that again in a month or so.

Walking down Third, we checked out the pizza theater, bought some lemongrass candles (I've been out for so long!), and ascertained that the indoor plant shop really is gone for good. It's a guitar store now. But there's always the internet. Then it was seven blocks back home and more tv until the boys wandered in. And out. And finally in again.

A short family meeting convened to decide if we should lease a shop building three blocks away for Mark to work in, and we approved it with three in favor and Steve abstaining. That's going to be a real break, getting all the equipment and tools out of our house so we have some room to live and dust books again. Ultimately we'd like to construct a pre-fab shop in our backyard and turn the patio shop back into a patio, with a couple of concrete sidewalks to help me get around in the winter. But they have a lot of work to do in the next couple months and raising a barn first seems like a hasty decision.

Anyway, it was just a really good time, being outside wandering around. And Steve is just as scary a companion as Ranger, it turns out, because we got zero crap even in the candle store. And no one stopped me to ask if they could pet him.
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I can't fully squee because the big discussions haven't actually started, but I've had two little ones and they're trending in the right direction. I just want to share a little now in case it doesn't happen. For this morning, I was happy.

I might be getting my very own, full-time, live-in, caregiver/housekeeper/handyman/battler of the arch-nemesis! Apparently this person actively wants to give up his life in the big city and live in our basement for no money. Yeah, that sounds weird to me, too, but I've known him for a while now and his references are impeccable, so maybe he just wants a change of scene. And we're pretty open to accepting gift horses, so long as they aren't made of wood.:)

All we really need is Bruder's approval (I don't intend on asking the a-n, since he doesn't get a vote) and, uh, someplace for him to sleep. Cleaning the basement will probably be his first job.
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I have to cut one together for the boys to show their lawyer and they want something slightly better than my previous efforts. So I started experimenting with new software and put this together in about ten minutes from video I shot a couple years ago. The one thing it illustrates, if anyone was wondering, is the difference between Murphy Sloane and Kenny Whiskers, my two tuxedo cats.

Icon meme!

Jan. 9th, 2012 01:04 pm
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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of Icon Squee!

[ profile] milomaus gave me these:

[ profile] catyah's kittens, Sunny and Sherry, taken when they were new. I love kitties that snuggle and hug, and she wanted a cuddly icon, so I made this one from a photo she had. I think I did the lettering, but it was her idea.:)

Calvin and Hobbes express excitement better than just about anyone else. One [ profile] jackshoegazer put a couple hundred icons up for grabs a few weeks ago and I took a whole bunch, including this one.

Another icon from [ profile] jackshoegazer. Not because I disapprove of blogs--I read four or five a day outside of LJ--but because I think the book to blog ratio should heavily favor books. The events may not be current, but the educational value more than compensates.

[ profile] jackshoegazer strikes again, with a very excited kitty. If you look at it long enough, the kitty might just leap out through the screen and into your lap. At least I hope it does.

I stole Tiny Bunny from a photo that accompanied a Losers fic wherein Cougar was--a bunny. Since that's what my Kitty [ profile] catyah calls me (Bunny, not Cougar), I use it as a sort of signature icon. And when posts particularly please me, they get a Bunny Clap of Approval comment.

(Bonus Hover-Catloaves, just because.:)
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According to my GoodReads counter, I read 134 books this year. I call it 135, because I really did read Blackwater I: The Flood all the way through twice.

And, unlike previous years, i have only three in progress to transfer to next year. One is boring but totally finishable nonfiction that I started a couple weeks ago and didn't sweat because it wasn't on the official list; one I started this afternoon, and the third I'll start when I go to bed tonight. (Because the one I started this afternoon is too scary to read in the dark.)

Altogether, I call 2011 a successful book year. Click to see what all I read and how much I liked it. )


Nov. 17th, 2011 09:19 am
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If I'd checked IMDB and noticed that DJ Qualls was guest-starring in last week's Supernatural, I wouldn't be watching it just now.:D
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I get a box in the mail. And what's in it? A genuine Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty. It's soft, it's fuzzy, and when it plays the song, it sounds a lot like Penny. I can't say for sure that it's her, but it could be, so you know it's sung right. (Not like when Sheldon's mom did it that time.)

And it does make me feel better.
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The weekend's Freecycling went great. We got rid of everything, even the thing that Bruder said was garbage, because nothing is garbage when someone needs it and can't afford it. I put up my first wanted post, for a larger crate for Willow, who still loves to hide in hers even though she can't stand up in it, and got a reply last night. Of course it was from someone who missed my note to call before 6 pm, so I wasn't awake for it. I'll call back in a few hours, when people who were up all night will be up again.

And speaking of Willow, Bruder just came in and told me a story that made me cry a little, but in a good way, so I'm going to share it. (I think it's [ profile] oddmonster safe, but if not, let me know so I can adjust the definition.) He and Herr are working in the office off the library and he put the dogs out for a bit. Both of them can open the sliding door--years ago I put a handle on the bottom outside so I can open it with my feet and Ray picked right up on it--but Willow uses her head and shoulders while Ranger uses her paws. This is very hard on her defective elbows so I try to always be there to let her in before she can do it herself. But since Bruder let them out, it was up to him to watch and bring them back.

Of course Will got impatient, as border collies do, and opened it herself. She uses her nose to push on the handle until she can get her head in the door and then just shoulders it open far enough to squeeze through. But Ranger, who was right behind her, couldn't fit. She tried to push it with her paw and then sat back whining because it hurt. Willow, who was almost to the office (no doubt planning to jump on people while her feet were still good and wet), heard her, went back, and pushed the door open a few more inches so Ray could come in.

We've seen a lot of teamwork among our dogs over the years. Our favorite has always been little Doodle barking for backup before facing strangers at the door. She would seriously run to the kitchen and call down to the library, then run barking at the front door only after she was sure the big dogs were coming. But that was home defense and self-preservation. This was Willow caring that Ranger is hurt and can't open the door anymore. I've seen videos attesting to things like that (please don't comment with examples, they aren't [ profile] oddmonster or [ profile] little_tristan safe), but I've never seen it personally, among my own dogs, and Bruder says he hasn't, either. Not in 50 years and dozens of dogs. I guess Will was the right choice after all, even if she is 9 months old and still crapping in the house.

Now I need to get busy finishing a fic in progress, because this week I'm going to start gutting out and rewriting The Dancer, my non-Bedlam novel for 2012. I feel like a writer right now. My sister started talking about my books on her FB yesterday and it turns out that a couple of her internet friends have read at least one of them without knowing I was her sister. And now a cousin has come forward and admitted to reading, too. It seems to be stirring interest among Sister's 2nd Life followers, so I'm a little excited. And in the mood to get back to work.
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Part 2 of the love meme from a couple weeks ago.

The brave and mighty [ profile] amine_eyes is, by my standards, a relatively new friend and one I am grateful every day for having met. She's a happy slashing fangirl, a bright creative university student, and she can fly military jets. Any one of those things = awesome, but all of them together? Awesome3 with chocolate syrup and a strawberry on top.

But what really makes [ profile] amine_eyes a fun friend and a constant source of joy is her attentiveness. She's shared her thoughts on nearly every post I've made since we met (and that's been a lot), bringing love and sympathy and laughter to my life every single day. Even when I fail to return the favor. So far as I can tell, she lives in a constant state of exceeding excellence--having adventures, loving and being loved by her family, working hard, getting a solid education--and does so with humility and (occasionally intoxicated:) grace.

Basically you, S, are living the life I might have chosen had it been for me to choose. But it wasn't and I'm not, so thank you for letting me share in a little part of it. Even from here it rocks because you tell it so well.

*Hugs Always*
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That I forgot one of the best ones! The VW mechanic called to say he'd driven the truck a little and looked it over, and he thinks the engine is sound. It needs a tune up, new filters and glow plugs (the things that heat the oil in a diesel so it'll start; in winter when it's really cold there's an electric heater we'll plug into an outlet), that sort of thing, but he thinks that'll bring it up to speed. He'll check the compression and all, but he seemed pretty sure that it was okay.

Then he mentioned that it had very little by way of brakes, and that led to a funny conversation where I came off sounding very stupid. I said yes, the guy we bought it from had mentioned that it probably needed a brake job. And the mechanic said, well, not really. It's just that the vacuum pump that powers them isn't working. It took me a second to process that and then ask, you mean it has power brakes? And everyone had a little laugh at my expense. :)

But it's not like I've ever driven it, and we're all used to the axiom that cars with standard transmissions don't have power brakes. So whatever. He's going to call me back today or Monday with the results of the compression tests, but if that turns out like he expects, he says he can get it running really well for about a quarter of what we'd anticipated spending. And if he really does it, we can rest easy knowing we have a VW shop for next time. *happy car dance*
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AND THE SECOND MOST: Star Trek: Reboot (13) (Because Kittens aren't a fandom. Yet.)
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Freaking awesome!

Coding can be found here
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Part two of the love meme from a couple weeks ago. Today we're here to adore [ profile] catyah, Queen of the Betas (and Princess of Cats).

What can you say about a person who unequivocally adores everything you write, just because you wrote it? Who betas it exhaustively but never seems to correct the dirty parts (probably because she's too distracted to pay attention to details;), and never comments on posts for fear of being perceived as praising herself, yet praises you endlessly when you're sad about not getting comments? Well, I don't know what you say, but I say she's my very best friend and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Seriously. She braves the TSA--and, you know, flying--to come all the way across the country just to see me and watch Riptide together in person instead of simultaneously while IMing. Which is something else I can really only do with her, because we love all the same things and make all the same comments simultaneously. She puts up with my dogs and my indecently exposed arch-nemesis, and cries when I cry so I don't have to do it alone.

She's sweet and loving and finds joy in every day. Flowers, birds, kittens, tomatoes--all the little things that people forget to notice can make my Kitty's day. But she also loves the wonderful things--the public bookstore readings and volunteer work and all sorts of things that improve her brilliant mind. As leader of the US Fun Army, she's always up for a good time and finds fun in nearly any situation. And for trading books, there's hardly anyone in her class.

My on true Catyah is kind and gentle and understanding, slow to anger and quick to forgive, a good Christian through and through and a better friend than I deserve. There never was another Kitty like mine, and there never will be again. I'm the luckiest Bunny in the world and never think for a second that I don't know it. :D
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Yes, I thought the headline was snark, too, and then I read the article here on Jezebel, and what do you know? Glow in the dark kittens may well be the future.
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A friend just hooked me up with the English version. It actually works both ways.
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It's difficult to say exactly what kind of book this is, and that's part of why I love it so much. It starts out with Jean Paget inheriting a small fortune, in her eyes, at least, and trying to figure out the most reasonable thing to do with it. She has a decent job for a young woman in post-WWII England, but it's not exactly profound work. And after what she's been through the past few years, she wants to do something more important than take shorthand in a shoe and handbag factory.

She tells the attorney handling the estate about her experiences in Malay (I assume this is Malaysia, although Shute never uses that name) during the war, where she had also been doing secretarial work. Jean is trying to get to Singapore with the rest of the civilians when the Japanese capture them and send the men to a prison camp. The women are told that they were going to a different camp, just a short walk away. No big deal, they're assured. Easy walks, no more than they can manage in a day. But what's easy for Japanese soldiers is a death march for a group of middle aged English women who are used to relying on servants and now have to carry their children, as well as everything they own, across the Malay Peninsula.
More synopsis and probably spoilers behind the cut... )


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