Dec. 1st, 2011

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The house has become sort of an unarmed camp. Since I last posted, the boys have swung around to my side, but even with three of us we're losing. Or maybe we've already lost. The nemesis is convinced that Willow is attacking him when he's sitting in his office chair in the library. (Having finally destroyed the manual wheelchair he took from me, he's now appropriated the last of the boys' chairs with working features.) She jumps on him, yes, because we can't seem to break her of jumping on everyone. But when she does it to us, we either tell her off in an appropriately stern voice (followed by sit, so she has something to do), or, if we're feeling warm and fuzzy, grab an armful of puppy and get our faces licked. Really, it depends on if she's been out in the mud or not.:)
Much complaining this way... )
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At least one happy thing for every day of the month of December!

Lemon furniture polish rocks the living room. Hard.
Yesterday's desk drawer organizing frenzy is today's hassle free work space!
Still reading Love, West Hollywood, and boy is it great!
Have completely regressed to the stage of a child with her first battery powered toy over my newfound ability to sync the iPod with Kindlechen so I can move from one to the other without losing my place. It's like my toys are reading together!
Some unknown person has bought a copy of Bedlam's Child! This whole sending books out there to sell themselves with no publicity thing is all the more rewarding because it's so freaking hard. Each one is like a baby bird leaving the nest on a wing and a prayer. Look! It flew! There's another bird in the world!


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